Mutual Exchange

You may want to move to a different home for a number of reasons and mutual exchanges are very often the quickest way to be re-housed rather than waiting for a transfer.

The Council has developed a mutual exchange service for its tenants which runs through Homeswapper website – go to and is free to register for Tamworth Council tenants.

If you are looking to move for work or to be near to family and friends, Homeswapper is a national service which means that you will be able to see homes across of the whole of the UK, not just in Tamworth.

You can exchange with tenants of housing associations and other local authorities if everybody agrees.

Normally an exchange will be agreed by the council providing:

  • Both properties are the right size for the incoming family’s needs,
  • Neither party is having legal action taken against then for breaking their tenancy;

If you are not a Tamworth Council tenant please contact your landlord as they will have their own mutual exchange service.

How does a mutual exchange work?

  1. You find someone who wants to swap with you
  2. You arrange to view each other’s homes
  3. Both you and the tenant you want to swap with complete one of our mutual exchange request forms. You then return both forms to us. The other tenant has to also request permission from their own landlord
  4. We will inspect your home and ask for a tenancy report from the other tenant’s landlord.
  5. We have six weeks to tell you whether we agree to your swap, but wherever we can we will let you know sooner
  6. If both landlords agree, you will need to agree a date that you both want to move. We will then arrange for you and the other tenant to complete the paperwork.

Remember, it is very important that you don’t move until you have written permission and both tenants have completed the paperwork to assign your tenancy.

You will have to meet a number of conditions before your exchange can go ahead, and these include:
  • Not owing us any money for rent and / or rechargeable repairs
  • Doing all repairs that are your responsibility, including any damage caused by you or other members of your household
  • Leaving your garden tidy and free from rubbish.

Other points to remember:

  • You must not offer money to bring about an exchange.
  • The Council cannot get involved in any private arrangements for the purchase of items, for example: carpets, curtains, furniture.

Reasons for refusing permission

We will not let your mutual exchange go ahead if:

  • We have started possession proceedings or we have an order against you for breaking your tenancy agreement.
  • You have rent arrears at the time of the exchange.

Or, if the property you have found is:

  • Too big or too small for you.
  • Adapted for a tenant with disabilities and you do not need these adaptations.
  • Normally let to certain groups of people, for example, the elderly or those with special support needs and you don’t meet these restrictions.