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Once you have a housing application number, you can look and bid on properties advertised through the Finding a Home service. Our properties are advertised weekly in several ways: online, through support agencies and in our main offices at Marmion House. The weekly cycle runs from Tuesday 12 midnight to Monday 12 midnight.

To search for properties available, click on the “Properties” page or use the search feature. You can search on location and your requirements including bedroom number, whether the property is ground floor or suitable for pets.

Each property advert shows a wide range of information, including where the property is, how many bedrooms there are, if its suitable for pets, how much the rent is, who can bid for the property and a photograph.

To find out more information about what you can bid for, please click on “What can I bid for?” at the top of the site. You can also find information on our housing stock and the local area by clicking on the “Locations” page.

You can bid on up to 3 properties per week and they do not need to be in any order. You only need to make one bid per property. Before you bid, remember to check that the properties you are choosing are suitable for your household and that your needs match the property type. To find out more about what you can bid for, please click on “What can I bid for?” at the top of the page, or if you are still unsure please contact us.

To make a bid you will first need to register and create an account click on “Register’’ at the top of the page; you only need to register once. Then ‘log in’ to your account again at the top of the page to make your bid.

Here you will be able to manage your bids; view current bids placed, make changes to these if you need to by deleting bids or adding any new ones.

You must make sure you make your bids are final before the advertised closing date. If we do not receive it in time, you will not be put forward for the properties you have picked. If you need help bidding please contact us for help, or visit our offices where a member of staff will be able to assist you.

If you are successful we will contact you within 7 days after the closing date. If you are unsuccessful you will not be contacted and should carry on bidding. More information on results of bidding can be found by clicking on the “Lettings Results” page.

This could be due to one of many reasons please see below:

  • You are only entitled to 3 bids in any one cycle: you cannot make more than 3 bids as these will not be accepted.
  • You may have bid for a property that is too large or too small for your households needs. Check on your banding award letter, which advises you of your bedroom entitlement and make sure this matches the properties that you have bid for.
  • Some properties have conditions for bidding on such as age restrictions or are adapted properties, again check from the advert who can apply.
  • You may have bid on properties that are in high demand and have been offered to those in the greatest housing need. Lettings Results shows how many bids are received and the band of the successful applicant to help you determine this.
  • We have more people registered for housing than we do have properties becoming available and there is a real shortage of 2 bedroomed houses. Did you know the majority of council housing is 2 and 3 bedroomed flats and maisonettes, which become empty more often? You may want consider your housing options such as bidding for other types of properties that are in less demand, applying for a mutual exchange, to be nominated for housing association properties and private rented accommodation.

For further information on your housing application please contact the Housing Solutions team, tel 01827 709459

If you are not on the housing register you can apply by filling in a housing application form. Contact us directly to do this.

You will be assessed on your housing need and be given a band from 1+ to 4. People in band 1+ are those assessed as having the most urgent need, whereas those in band 4 have less priority.

All available properties will be advertised on this website, click “Properties” view the current advertised properties. The properties are also be advertised at Tamworth Borough Council offices, in the Tamworth Herald and through support agencies.

Before you start your property search, why not check out previous results by clicking on “Lettings Results” page. This will tell you how many people wanted a specific property/area. If a lot of people went for that property/area, you know that area is popular. You will also find information about how often properties have become empty over the last year and 3 years on this page.

Take a look at our locations page too: this will give you a guide on our housing stock per area of Tamworth.

Using your housing application number that you have been provided, you can register to create an account and then log in to this account, select the property you are interested in and place a bid . Please ensure you keep your contact detail on your account up to date as this will make it easier for us to contact you if you have been successful.

You must make sure you bid before the advertised closing date. If we do not receive it in time, you will not be put forward for the properties you have picked. If you need help bidding please contact us for help, or visit our offices where a member of staff will be able to assist you.

You can only bid for property types that are suitable for you, based on your housing need. To find this information out, please visit the “What can I bid for?” page.

You can bid for up to 3 properties in each weekly advertising cycle. Once the deadline is over you can no longer bid.

The dates of the cycle are clearly advertised with the advert listing so please ensure you bid within the cycle.

Unfortunately it is impossible for us to say how many vacancies will become available.

You will be contacted within 7 working days if you have been successful.

You will be contacted within 7 days if you have been successful. If you have not heard anything during this time then you will not have been successful. Feedback on the previous week's lettings will be published on this website.

Should you decide to accept the property, we will arrange for you to start your tenancy and a moving in date will be agreed. This is subject to checks, and if you are already a tenant with us, a clear rent account. If you refuse the property, you will have to continue to bid on other properties.

If you refuse a property, you will need to inform us of the reason why. You will not receive a penalty for refusing a property except:

  • If you owed a statutory duty as specified in Band 1+
  • You are homeless as specified in Band 1 and 2
  • If you are in Band 1+ and decline offers, this may result in Tamworth Borough Council reviewing your Band 1 status.

It is likely that the successful bidder had higher band than you, or had been registered for longer. Please note that we will not contact you if you bid has been unsuccessful.

When the website is updated with the next cycle, you can bid on another 3 properties. You should carry on doing this until you get your home. If you're not having any success, there are other housing options you can consider click here for a housing options assessment

How can I If you have a health problem that affects where you live, if you’re homeless or in urgent need of housing, please contact Housing Solutions who will be happy to help.

If you have a change in your circumstances for example address, contact telephone numbers, household size, you must inform us immediately. Failure to do so could result in an offer of a property being withdrawn if your bid has been successful.

If you move house during the time you have a housing application with us, you will need to complete a new housing application form.

Arrangements can be made for people who are unable to access the service for themselves. We have been working hard to make sure that the scheme is accessible to all. If you would like to talk to a member of staff, or find out more, please contact 01827 709709.

We will write to you every year to find out whether you wish to remain on the housing register. It is very important that you return your renewal slip to us, because if your application is cancelled, you will be unable to place bids.

Our sheltered properties feature community alarm equipment. Within seconds of pulling a cord or pressing a button, sheltered housing tenants are able to connect to an operator at Welbeing. The operator will know instantly who is calling and will be able to offer friendly support and reassurance.

To find out more information on this service, please contact Welbeing on 08450 766515 or 01323 644422 or email

Although the we have over 4500 properties in Tamworth, a large percentage of these have tenants. If a property is not advertised, it is not available for let.

You can bid 3 times in each advertising cycle, so it is important that you do not waste your bids. Check that the properties you bid for are appropriate to your needs before you make a bid. If you are unsure, please check the `What can I bid for` page of this website or contact us. You can place your bid at anytime during the bidding cycle.

You do not need to place a bid as soon as the cycle opens: the property is allocated to the applicant in the highest housing need, not to the applicant who has placed their bid first. Some of our properties are in great demand, and some property types and areas are more popular than others. For more information on areas and demand, please click here.

Please click here for more information.

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